7 Effective Ways To Have a Deeper Voice, Permanently and Naturally

Written by Osamudiamen Omere

In today’s world, men with a deeper voice get more respect and more winks from the ladies. This is because a deeper voice is likened to masculinity. In addition, several studies have shown that having a deep voice could lead to higher levels of success.

This is not surprising as some of the most successful CEOs in the world are known for their deep voices which help them command authority in their workplaces.

Normally, a deep voice develops during puberty, but this change doesn’t happen in everyone and some men are left with a pitch below 125 Hz which leaves them sounding more feminine.

Luckily, there are ways to deepen your voice permanently and naturally.

7 Effective Ways To Have a Deeper Voice, Permanently and Naturally

To make your voice deeper, follow the steps below

1. Relax Your Throat

When you speak, try to relax your throat but avoid tightening your vocal cords. Speaking lower than normal could protect your voice from cracking, so before you talk, aim to relax your throat as much as possible.

The more relaxed your throat is, the deeper your voice will get. You can also keep your voice box clear by working up a little extra saliva occasionally and swallowing. This will moisten your voice box, making your words more audible as you speak.

2. Choose Your Pitch

There are two types of deep male voices

  • Baritone – vocal range between the bass and the tenor voice-types
  • Bass – the deepest male voice type

The baritone voice is lighter and more romantic than the bass voice, so you might want to opt for that one. But if you’re looking for something more powerful, then you should try out the bass voice.

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By relaxing your throat, you will find different deep voice levels (either baritone or bass). Go with the one you believe suits your style and work on it.

3. Speak Slow

If you know someone that speaks with a deeper voice, you will notice that they speak slowly and say fewer words than most people. This is something that is very common with anyone with a deep voice. If you want to deepen your voice, you need to learn how to speak slowly and say fewer words at a time.

Try by adding weight to every word that you say and don’t rush. If you rush your words, you end up speaking at a higher frequency (a light pitched voice).

4. Practice

Practice makes perfect and in this case, you have to perform as many reading exercises as you can.

5. Record Your Voice

With the aid of sound recorders on your mobile phone, you can know how your voice sounds like and train it to become better. You can also make use of voice apps to train your vocal cords on your own time.

Some voice apps can help you stay on track and tell you just how deep your voice really is.

If your plan is to mimic the voice pattern of a celebrity, you can do that with these apps. Some effective voice training apps include

  • VoCo Vocal Coach
  • Voice Training Pro
  • Voice Pitch Analyzer

6. Speak Through Your Mouth

Speaking through your nose makes you sound lighter. If you want to deepen your voice, you will have to learn how to speak through your mouth. Your words should start from your throat and come from your mouth. If you do this along with the steps listed above, you should be able to speak with a deeper voice.

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7. Practice More

You can’t deepen your voice overnight even if you try hard enough. It takes practice and patience to make your voice deeper permanently. Avoid trying too hard at one go or you will end up straining your vocal cords.

Practice reading exercises daily and make use of sound recording or get a mobile app to help monitor your progress.  You can try alternating between odd tones and funny voices to learn better control. The more you practice, the deeper your voice becomes.

Final Thoughts

As said earlier, making your voice deeper will take time. Even if you rush things and end up with a deeper voice, it is less likely to be smooth and you could end up irritating your throat whenever you try to talk. Remember to relax your throat, talk slowly and practice frequently to make your voice as smooth and deep as you want.


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