7 Steps To Getting Rid of Depression Naturally

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Written by Osamudiamen Omere

Depression is a common mental disorder that negatively affects the way you think and how you act. People with this disorder experience a persistent depressed mood or loss of interest in activities. Luckily, the condition is treatable.

Depression can cause intense feelings of sadness and disinterest which would negatively affect the way you see yourself and others.

If you think you’re suffering from depression, then you would have one of the following symptoms

  • Extreme sadness or having a depressed mood
  • Disinterested in activities once enjoyed
  • Loss of appetite
  • Trouble sleep of sleeping too much
  • Increase fatigue
  • Increase in discomfort and in purposeless activities such as pacing
  • Feeling guilty or worthless
  • Difficulty concentrating, thinking or making a decision
  • Thoughts of suicide

Causes of Depression

Certain factors have been known to increase the chance of depression and they include

  • Abuse: sexual or emotional
  • Certain medication
  • Conflict
  • Death or a loss
  • Genetics
  • Serious illness
  • Substance abuse

7 Steps To Getting Rid of Depression Naturally

There are ways to get rid of depression without considering therapy or medication, however, these natural depression treatments can only work if you’re determined to get your life back on the right track.

1. Identify the Cause of Your Depression and Deal With It

There are many factors that can increase the chance of depression. Sometimes major events getting divorced, losing a job or income or retiring could lead to depression. You can only begin your journey to recovery if you identify the cause of your depression, accept it and get over it.

This won’t be easy, but it is a very important step that you must take before you can try out the other natural depression treatments.

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2. Stay Organized

Being depressed could make you lose your organization. This will make you believe the hours in the day are too short and you end up achieving too little. Also, people who are depressed are less interested in moving out of the bed or performing any necessary daily activity. This strips away the structure from their lives.

To combat this, you should set a daily schedule so that your activities remain organized.

Note: setting a daily schedule is one thing, sticking to it is another. If you want this to work, you will have to be determined.

3. Set Goals

Depression could make you feel defeated like you can’t accomplish anything. This could make you less interested in doing things you once did. If you feel like this, the right thing to do is to set daily goals for yourself.

Start very small, with goals you know you’re likely to succeed at. With every success, you reward yourself. This will boost your confidence and make you more interested in trying out other things.

4. Exercises

Exercising helps to keep your body in shape, but it will also help you feel better. This is because exercises temporarily boost endorphins – feel-good chemicals. Also, regular exercise could encourage the brain to focus more on positivity.

You could also use exercise as a way to accomplish goals. Remember to start small and don’t rush your way to success.

5. Get Enough Sleep

One of the symptoms of depression is trouble sleeping. If you find it hard to get enough shut-eye and you end up staying awake for most of the night, your depression could become worse.

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To improve your sleep, you will have to make certain lifestyle changes. Try to go to bed early and get up at the same time every day. Avoid taking a nap in the day and ensure that all distractions are out of your bedroom. Also, make your room dark enough before you go to bed. All these will help you sleep better and longer.

6. Meet Up With People Who Have Battled Depression

If you’re battling depression then you will need lots of encouragement. While your family and friends could suffice, it is best that you get the right tips from people who have battled depression and won. These individuals will understand you better and help you feel better about yourself.

7. Stay Responsible

When you’re depressed, you might want to pull back from the world you once knew. You will find yourself less interested in taking up your responsibilities at work and at home. Also, you might look to alcohol or drugs for sustenance. To get rid of depression, you need to do the opposite.

Ensure that you meet up with your daily responsibility, avoid alcohol dependency, and say no to drug abuse. You can also sign up for volunteer work to help you meet with other people and make a difference in society.

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