5 Natural Libido Boosters for Females

Natural Libido Boosters For Women
Written by Segun Emmanuel Ojo


Looking for ways to boost your libido?

You need to know that everyone experiences low sex drive at one stage or the other.

That’s how Ben thought his wife was losing interest in him and did not love him any longer. What he was not aware of is the low libido being experienced by Gracie

Just like Gracie, you might be experiencing low libido as a result of stress, menopause, depression, or relationship hiccups.

Instead of getting worried, try some of these natural boosters to improve your libido as a woman;

  1. Apples

One apple a day could fill your bedroom with happiness, satisfaction, and increased sexual drive.

You may find it hard to believe, but it’s already established that apples have a positive effect on female libido. In one study, it was proven that women who eat at least one apple every day experienced an improvement in their sexual life.

There is no clear explanation of how it happens, but it was proven that there could be a relationship between sexual health in the female gender and apple consumption.

  1. Mushrooms

Can you believe that what could be a fungus can produce back to back orgasms in women? An Integrative Physician proved that mushroom is a natural libido booster for the female gender.

This is why Mushrooms has always been part of Chinese medicine for centuries. More recently, a clinical trial was done, and with an 86% reported increase in libido, it established the place of mushrooms as a natural libido booster in women.

  1. Soy

If what you require is a balancing of your hormones to restore your decreasing libido, then Soy could come to your rescue. Soy helps in the production and balancing of the testosterone and estrogen in women.

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This is a natural way to balance your hormones for an increase in sexual drive. Even though there is no evidence yet to support this claim, there are studies that have pointed to the efficacy of Soy in balancing sexual hormones.

  1. Oily Fish

There is a connection between Omega 3 fatty acids and the reduction of anxiety and depression. This, in turn, could lead to an improvement in sex drive in women.

Dopamine level, which in turn could improve mood and trigger arousal, is also a direct result of Omega 3 acids.

This is what you should do, include a dish of smoked salmon and scrambled eggs in your diet henceforth.

  1. Oysters

Oysters and other shellfish such as clams, crabs, mussels, and lobsters are high in zinc.

Zinc has been proven to be able to trigger an increase in the production of sex hormones. Contained in crabs are also D-aspartic acids and N-methyl-D-aspartate, which are rare amino acids that can boost sexual drive in women.

When these amino acids were tested on rats, there was an increase in testosterone in the males and a surge in the production of progesterone in the females.

These two hormones are linked to greater sexual pleasure. Therefore, Oysters can be said to have both psychological and biological impacts on sex drive.

While there may be other things related to low libido in women, there’s a lot diet and nutrition can do in boosting low sex drive.

As much as you include these foods in your diet, endeavor to exercise regularly to maintain a healthy weight. Focus on exercises that put pressure on the pelvic floor.

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Communicate regularly with your partner; this might help you along the process of restoring your libido. Your ability to enjoy sex starts and end with the efforts you invest in it.

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