How To Set Up A Wellness Plan For Your Entire Family

Thinking of how to make things work better in your family? Setting up a wellness plan is all you need.

A wellness plan helps you to adopt and maintain healthy behaviors.

With a wellness plan, you are able to identify areas that could use improvement, set goals you want to accomplish in every area and keep track of your progress.

Creating a wellness plan with your family creates a sense of belonging and helps to develop the mental wellbeing of your children.

A wellness plan includes your nutrition, health, Fitness, and Mental health

The following will guide you on how to create a wellness plan:

  • Nutrition

Consider the diet that serves your health and supports your body. Include food and snacks that have healthy ingredients and low fat in your grocery list. Include vegetables and fruits that are rich in vitamins in your diet. Make sure you remove every food that is unhealthy to avoid going back to them.

Reduce your sugar intake especially as your body ages. When purchasing packaged foods consider its sugar, calories and carbohydrate count. Draft or download a food time table, this will help you to include all classes of food in your diet.

  • Physical Health

Make provision for a regular medical check-up to be sure you don’t have hidden health issues. It could involve working on smoking habits, alcohol consumption and your family’s use of drugs. Identify the available fitness options you can have access to in your locality. Pick the ones that are in line with your family goals.

Make provisions for incentives to help achieve the goals, you will find a lot of healthy and delicious recipes online you can include them in your list.

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The physical wellness of your family will determine your plan in this section.

  • Fitness:

A good amount of sleep helps your body to recover from stress and also increases your productivity, so stick to a sleeping schedule. Exercising is a good way to avoid distractions and stay motivated.

It takes discipline and patience to maintain a healthy lifestyle. You can hire a personal trainer to help you out, you can also join a gym.

There are applications online you can download that will help you to keep fit without leaving the comfort of your home. Applications like CrossFit btwb, Tone it up, skimble workout, Daily burn, freeletics, Jefit workout tracker and Sworkit to mention a few.

  • Mental

Identify and note down creative outlets, plan tasks that involve analytical and critical thinking, note down problem-solving activities the family can engage in within and outside your home.

Make a plan to learn how to meditate (if possible take a class with your family). Write out positive words of declaration in a place that is accessible to every family member. Work on eliminating negative thinking patterns and emotions.

Encourage everyone to read it every morning before going out. Examples of the positive declaration include: “I have confidence in myself” “I will accomplish everything I set my mind to do” “I will make it,” etc. Involve your family in activities that reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. If necessary seek professional assistance.

Final Thoughts

Keep track of the effect your plan has on your family. Evaluate how much satisfaction you have gotten, the progress you have achieved, determine which area needs attention and which goals need to be adjusted.

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Rank them on how much impact each has on your family, make an adjustment to the plans that didn’t work out after trying them out.

Do not focus your attention on one at the detriment of others because each of them relates to the other. View your set out goals part of your day, enjoy it. Make sure the goals you set are reasonable and achievable.


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