Street Fighting Tips – 5 Dangerous Fight Moves To Win Every Street Fight

Street fight
Written by Segun Emmanuel Ojo

Imagine this scenario;

You are out alone one night sipping a bottle of your favorite beer at an outdoor bar.

It’s a beautiful evening and you are humming to the tunes being dished out by the live band.

Out of nowhere, a punch landed on your face.

It became a free for all between you and the other guy. No one cares about who threw the first punch, and it doesn’t matter.

Only two things matter right now; fight to protect yourself from harm, and two, preserve the pride you have left in you.

This is no time to show your gentleman or diplomacy, but your street training and all the hours you’ve burnt at the gym need to be put on display.

You cannot afford to lose this street fight, you have a lot of reputation on the line, and you have to fight to protect it. Fight till the end or till you win.

Despite being a street fight where there are no rules, here’s what you should do to win;

  1. Make The Second Punch Heavier

You’ve lost the chance of throwing the first punch, and you shouldn’t feel bad about it or let it throw you off balance.

What you have not lost is the second punch, and you have to make it really heavy to throw your opponent off their game. With your punch, you can get to end the fight before your opponent is even able to react.

There’s one thing you should aim for with your punch. Make it clean and hard; this will create more opportunities to shoot more punches before your opponent reacts.

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The idea is to have the upper hand and advantage. Which is why you have to be overly aggressive and forward.

  1. Maintain a Good Fighting Stance

Your chance of winning a street fight is heavily hinged on your stance.

You cannot afford to let your guard down in a fight, which is why your hands should be up and alert. Be active with your hands either to attack or defend.

Another critical aspect of the fighting stance is your foot position. Whether you maintain a southpaw with your right foot forward or left foot ahead, give your rear leg a 45-degree angle.

Ensure your chin is well tucked also. This means that if a punch is to land on your face, you will not be knocked out. Keep your chin high in the air.

  1. Don’t Be Caught Unaware

Don’t think your opponent is only interested in a fistfight with you.

It’s a street fight and not an Olympics boxing ring. Look around your environment and look for what you can use in defending yourself in case the opponent resort to weapons.

Never attempt to fight an opponent with a weapon with your bare hands. It also goes for you looking for the fastest escape route when you see you are about to be outnumbered.

You live to fight another day.

  1. Give Out a War Cry 

When in a street fight, you have to adopt guerrilla warfare tactics, and one of such is the war cry.

Make as much noise as possible with every punch you through. There are two things you will achieve with this; you will be intimidating your opponent and also distract them. With your opponent distracted, you stand a chance of landing them a good punch.

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When you are losing, you may want to cry out to attract attention. But since your goal is to win the fight, it’s better to use it for distraction purposes.

  1. Take Punches The Right Way

It’s a street fight, and your opponent is not there to act a movie.

That means you cannot avoid being punched. What you should aim for is to take punches in positions where there are minimal impact and damage.

You are fighting to win, remember, every punch counts. A punch to the head will leave the fist of your opponent hurting. If the opponent is aiming for your body, absorb the blow with your stomach muscles tightened for you to recover quickly.

Final Words

The idea is to disable your opponent, and as soon as this is achieved, you need to find your way out of there. If it’s not your turf, there might be mobilization on the way for your opponent, and you won’t want them to meet you there.

It’s a street fight; remember, there are no rules. But never fight to kill except your life is in real danger, then you have to do anything possible to be the one alive to tell the cops the story later.

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