How to Increase Your Libido Naturally

It just happens to everyone, that time of your life when your time in with your partner isn’t want you want it to be.

When you find yourself at this low ebb of life, you might need to look into your lifestyle choices. This could be from the perspective of weight gain, lack of exercise, a change in medication, or maybe you are treating a condition.

According to a wise man I know; a decrease in libido happens in most guys, but only a few want to talk about it. In men, physical and psychological factors can cause a low sex drive.

From the angle of the female folks; the desire for sex is always fluctuating. Changes could occur as a result of pregnancy, illness or menopause.

No need over flogging the cause, rather let’s focus on the natural and drug-free way to boost up your libido.

  1. Go Heavy on Libido-Boosting Fruits

The best way to start the correction of your low libido is your diet.

There are natural aphrodisiacs such as figs, avocados, and banana. Yes, there is no scientific evidence to back up their potency. However, there’s no harm in trying.

Present in these foods are the required minerals and vitamins that aid the supply of blood to your genitals. If there are enough flow and circulation, you are bound to have a better time in bed.

You can take these fruits as salad or as a smoothie.

  1. Sleep and Nap When You Can

We live in a fast world and often times, we don’t get an ample amount of good sleep.

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If your body is not at optimal due to a lack of good sleep, you’ll be unable to perform at your best with your partner.

To get your libido firing from all cylinders, sleep well. When combined with the libido-boosting food suggested above, you are going to become an expert performer in bed.

  1. There’s Libido Power in Chocolates

Aside from being a symbol of desire for generations for the sweet and yummy taste, it is also very good for your libido.

Studies have confirmed the presence of serotonin and phenylethylamine in chocolate. Both of these properties act as an aphrodisiac and also possess mood-lifting effects.

Think of it this way also, there are more psychological implications of chocolate on libido than biological.

Regardless, enjoy some chocolates with your partner, and you can easily turn the bedroom game around in your favor.

  1. Get Your Heart and Muscles Exercised.

There are a lot of 30-minutes daily exercise you can do to boost your sex drive.

If you are able to put your heart and muscles to work, you will experience a new lease of life with your genitals.

It’s not only your heart that needs good blood flow, but even your sexual organs also need it.

A study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine believes lifestyle changes that involve exercise can solve low libido and erectile dysfunction.

You don’t have to do a lot or be an athlete, light jogging and brisk walking in the park is the right place to start.


  1. Try Out Natural Herbs
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You may need to look beyond your immediate environment in your bid to fix your low libido issues.

Consider Chinese herbs such as Ginseng, Gingko Biloba, Muira Pauma and others.

These herbs stimulate the nerves in the genitals and increase blood circulation to the genitals.

Final Thoughts

All of these are natural remedies to low libido. Have in mind that your body and that of your partner is different.

You may have to try out a couple of these natural libido remedies to know which works best for you.

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