How Your Cell Phone Is Slowly Killing You

How Your Cell Phone Is Slowly Killing You
Written by Segun Emmanuel Ojo

Our daily routine gives us enough excuse to spend hours on social media. It could be as a result of your kind of job, the nature of your business or idleness. The use of a cell phone cannot be ignored or eradicated because it is an essential means of communication. It offers efficient and easy ways to communicate with friends, family, and co-workers.

Despite the advantages of using cell phones, its excess use is harmful and slowly killing us. The following will open your eyes to how your cell phone is slowly killing you. 

It Increases Your Stress Level

As gratifying as texting is, it also produces anxiety. A good number of people’s job requires them to respond quickly to messages in and outside the office. It could be a response to clients, supervisors, and co-workers.

Rapid response to clients after working hours affects the number of hours and quality of your sleep. This process increases stress and anxiety.

Germs From Your Cell Phone Affect Your Health

Our daily activities expose us to bacteria, dirt, and diseases. As we make use of our phone everywhere we go, it also harbors germs and illnesses. We try our best to disinfect our bathing water and also use sanitizers for our hands, forgetting we will still go back to hold the phone we held before washing our hands.

The oily residue we see on our phones can contain more germs than the ones found on a toilet seat. As we touch our phones and exchange phones, disease-prone bacteria can quickly transfer from one person to another. Next time when you are sick, you should consider your phone a prime suspect.

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Radiation From Phones Causes Eye Problem

The small screen of your cell phone makes you squint and strain your eyes when reading text messages and emails. You also fix your eye on the screen while playing games without considering the effect of the intensity of the backlight and Wi-Fi radiation.

This act poses a long term threat to your vision. It could cause blurry visions and irritated eyes. If you have any of those problems, consider reducing the time you spend using your cell phone.

Affects Your Confidence In Building One On One Relationships

Staying indoor without speaking with anyone looks like no big deal. Addiction to cell phones dwindles the one on one relationship which is supposed to exist among family members, siblings, or roommate.

Making your cell phone your best friend can affect your confidence, thus making one on one communication challenging to start. The difference and gap between e-communication and one on one interaction are vast.

In terms of love and family relationships, the expression on the face of your lover or your mother can not be conveyed entirely through emojis. They occasionally misunderstand the words you type, which leads to breakups and misunderstanding.

Makes You Lose Focus While Driving

Cellphones have been reported to be the cause of one out of four causes of car accidents. Youths respond to texts and calls while driving than adults. They do this ignoring the fact that their actions can cause them to lose concentration.

Driving requires full concentration; to avoid an accident, the best thing to do is to turn off your phones till you get to your destination.

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Radiation From Your Cell Phone Can Cause Cancer

Cell phones expose their users to electromagnetic radiation. This radiation emitted gets absorbed when we use our cell phones more prolonged than we should use them. One of the dangers it poses is brain cancer, and those at higher risk are teens. Teens are at greater risk because of their nervous system.


Sleep disruption doesn’t only cause anxiety; it also causes high blood pressure and type two diabetes. It causes shortness of temper, reduced attention to things, and depression. If you are addicted to your phone, use it for meaningful things. Read newspapers and ideas that will only add value to you and make you relevant to society.

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